We provide a complete service for those who want to invest in real estate. With our local expertise, we conduct thorough analysis on property investments, achieving high returns that satisfy our clients’ needs.

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Market Research

Real estate is a hyper local business. Having local expertise is paramount when it comes to investing in rental properties. Our years of experience conducting business locally allows us to locate prime areas that fit our clients’ specific requirements.

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Investment Analysis

Our focus is to maximize overall returns by analyzing properties that meet our clients cap rate, cash on cash, and IRR requirements. We conduct thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis by blending discounted cash flow, cost basis, and comparable sales methods.

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Investment Reporting

Real estate is known as one of the most stable investments, compared to other asset classes. However, micro and macro events will cause fluctuations within your real estate portfolio. We provide yearly and quarterly reports on the financial and operating performance of the property to make sure our clients are aware of the status of their investment.

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