Whether you are thinking of buying your first rental property, or have been owning rental properties for many years, Novel Management's goal is to lessen any worries that may arise when investing and managing real estate by guiding you through the entire process.

Foreign Owners

A foreign owner, is an individual or corporation that owns a property outside the country or state from which they reside. We provide services for those who live abroad. We currently work with clients from the US, Latin America and Europe.

Future Owners

If you are considering buying real estate as an investment for the first time, we guide you through the entire process. We educate our clients on how to invest in real estate, and search for profitable properties. After a strategy is set, we purchase the properties, list them, find prospective tenants, prepare the leases, and finally manage the properties. This turn-key method has led to great satisfaction with our clients, allowing them to focus on being investors rather than landlords.

Experienced Investors

If you have a large portfolio of properties, and simply do not have the time to actively manage the properties, or are considering switching to a different management company, we are here to help. We make sure the transition is a fast but smooth process.

Coincidental Owners

Coincidental ownership in real estate can be a common occurrence. Whether property was passed down by a family member or gifted to you, we can help turn it into a new stream of income by renting it and managing it for you.

Multi-Family/Apartment Owners

We also have experience managing and consulting for multi-family properties and apartment buildings. We take care of all the marketing needs, by working with highly qualified industry professionals and help owners create a strategy to increase their returns, as well as providing full service property management.